Kids Sips

Boogey Monster – Sprite and Green Apple
Knighthawk – Powerade and Vanilla Cream
Pikachu – Lemonade, Blackberry and Cream
Pink Poodle – Red Cream Soda and Cream
Shirley Temple – Sprite, Cherry and Maraschino Cherries

kids enjoying sips

1. Honest Kids Organic Juice

My little one absolutely loves this healthy kids’ juice box choice! With all of the typical flavors of a sugar-filled juice box, your child will love being able to choose from Fruit Punch, Lemonade, Berry, and more. These healthy drinks are packed full of vitamin C, have around 40 calories per pouch, and have no fat. As an added extra, Honest Kids juice pouches are certified organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free! Only natural sugar from fruits used to make the juice defiantly makes this one of the healthiest drinks for children on the market.

2. Kids HINT Water

Personally, I cannot tell you how much I love the entire Hint Water line. However, my kids love it so much that they are constantly trying to steal a drink themselves! So, when I found out that HINT makes a kid-sized box that fits perfectly into lunches, we were done looking for anything else!

3. Good2Grow

These awesome juice bottles are have zero added sugar, are completely non-GMO, and have nothing artificial. Plus, each one of these bottles can fit characterized lids that will make drinking something healthy way more fun! Children can choose from characters like Superman, Peppa Pig, Minnie Mouse, Paw Patrol, Disney Princesses, and dozens more. not only carries these healthy drinks for kids in their favorite juice flavors, but they also carry a line of strawberry and chocolate milk that is low in calories and loaded with calcium.